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Welcome to the membership and scheduling area of CNP Integrations Business Innovation Center. For more information and listings of public events please review the main web site

Thank you for being part of our vibrant collaboration community!

The Business Innovation Center is open weekdays from 8:30am until 5:30pm but can be available by appointment with proper notice. Off hours reservations are subject to availability of staff and member approval.

The Training Center has a private entrance and can be reserved nights and week ends around pre-scheduled events as long as there is an approved member to sponsor the event.

For more information on scheduling after hours events please contact the facility administrator.

Plans & Pricing

No regular fee

Our Student Lab Program

This plan is for students and interns participating in lab programs. This plan level must be approved by a lab manager and is a requirement for using any lab or shared space at the BIC.

This membership requires that you contribute to our monthly event schedule to manage, host or coordinate knowledge sharing activities.

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25 USD /Day Pass


As a drop in member you are welcome to visit and use the services FREE for a full day within normal business hours. You must register when entering.

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Price 100 USD  / month


Part time members must call in advance and schedule work space. Use and room allocation is on a first come first serve basis.

This plan renews automatically.

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Price 200 USD  / month


Full time plans allow you to have unlimited access during regular hours for use of an office or meeting space. Limited to use of one space resource at a time.

This plan renews automatically.

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Price 300 USD  / month

Private Office

All of our private offices have a desk, chair, bulletin board, sink and counter space. Private office members can freely use meeting rooms and book events in the facility based on a first come first serve basis and availability.

This plan renews automatically.

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Price 25 USD  / year

TAG Networking Group

This is for an annual membership and room reservation fee for the TAG Networking Group originating from the BIC. This is a private group with membership limited to a single business category and approval of the group.
An application can be found at

This plan renews automatically.

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