BIC Internship Membership
no monthly fee
Cancellation Notice 15 days

This plan is for students and interns participating in lab programs and other events.

This membership requires that you contribute to 10 hours of Community Service per month to the BIC. This includes, but is not limited to providing guest support and assistance during VR Lounge Nights, Karaoke Nights, Gaming Club, Mini Maker Faire, typing, filing, handing out flyers, etc.

~ All BIC Internship Members must attend orientation training session prior redeeming benefits.
~ All BIC Internship Members must return the letter of agreement signed by parent or guardian within 1 week of orientation.
~ This plan level must be approved by a lab manager and is a requirement for scheduling any lab or shared space at the BIC.
~All BIC interns are REQUIRED to clock in / clock out during internship shifts.
~ Additional Lab Time may be EARNED for additional community service time on a 1 to 1 ratio.

  • Free Pass - Gaming Club ... $20 value
    0.00 USD / month
  • Free Pass - Robotics Club & Chess Club... $40 value
    0.00 USD / month
  • 2 hours of Multi-Media Club access per week - $150 monthly value
    0.00 USD / month
  • Access to VR lounge 8 hours per month in addition to VR Nights and Gaming Club - $280 montly value
    0.00 USD / month
  • Creative Lab Space - 2 hours lab time per week $100 monthly value
    0.00 USD / month
  • Video Editing Suite Pass 2 hours per week - $400 monthly value
    0.00 USD / month
  • Music Studio Lab Pass 2 hours per week - $400 monthly value
    0.00 USD / month
  • Certificate of Community Service Hours Completed
    0.00 USD / month
  • Subscription to Newsletter... Priceless
    0.00 USD / month
Booking Credits
  • Alpine Room / BIC Media Labs Broadcast Studio and Collaboration Lab / Music Production Lab / The Falls Meeting Room / The Learning Center Training Room / VR Station 1 / Wellness & Relaxation Suite
    16h/month included (combined)
    Price per hour: 0.00 USD
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